About Us

Since our commencement in the publishing industry, 22 years ago, the passion for achieving results for our clients has driven our firm.

Bangkok Best Dining and Entertainment magazine reflects the lifestyle and interests of an upscale readership. Our magazine is a community treasure, enjoying the kind of stature and credibility over an extended period of time. It offers readers compelling local content that is both entertaining and informative. It is a complete guide of gastronomic delights that the city has to offer.

Bangkok Best Dining and Entertainment magazine attracts advertising from various sources such as hotels, independent restaurants, beverage companies, entertainment venues just to name a few. This publication targets a readership of professionals and business people (Expatriates & Thais), Senior Government Officials, Diplomatic & UN Personnel along with visiting business executives and higher end tourists.

Company Vision

Since humble beginnings in 1993, and, whilst striving to provide news, reviews and restaurant listings to locals and the expat community, Bangkok Best Dining & Entertainment has embraced the changes attributed to the advent of the Internet and the media industry, by re- launching , a dining platform that is both mobile and browser friendly.

Together with cutting edge technology and best practice in mind, we are committed in providing all discerning diners with information that is both current and informative; information that is quickly and conveniently accessible; and reviews that are unbiased and fair.

Mission Statement

Bangkok Best Dining & Entertainment aims to provide a superior platform for discerning diners ensuring:

  • That we are the platform of choice for fine dining search and reviews.

  • That we afford all restaurateurs and diners value-added services coupled with convenience.

  • That we provide a stable platform with zero down-time.

  • That we continue to provide compelling and entertaining content to our readers.

  • That we will remain abreast of technology and add exciting and interactive new features to our online platform.

  • That we remain service orientated.