Ghignoni started their ice cream business in 1981 in the town of Sansepolcro in the Arezzo district of Tuscany. The area is close to the provincial boarders of Le Marche, Emilia Romagna and Umbria, an area of intensive agriculture, industry, and handmade goods. It was the first proper ice cream parlour (as what we know as gelateria was known at that time) for the entire Upper Tiber Valley, they pioneered the culture of eating ice cream in this part of Italy. Their first shop had seating for 180 customers offering 30 different ice cream flavours that ranged from the classic to the exotic such as Chocolate & Chianti, Crema Buontalenti, Ciocco Trifola, also vegetable sorbets, mousses and ice cream gateaux. Ghignoni’s also serve sweet and savoury crêpes, yogurt with fruit or cereals as well as iced coffee.

The Carrettino, the traditional Italian ice cream cart played an important role in the way they served ice cream. It has the capacity of ice cream for 500 people and can keep the product fresh and frozen for 12 hours. It's always very much in demand at large parties and wedding receptions as it is the right way to serve ice cream at such functions.

Now genuine Italian ice cream that is made following original artisan principals is available in Bangkok at EmQuartier, the city’s newest and hottest culinary hub. Their gelato is made fresh daily in Bangkok using exactly the same traditional methods as they do in Italy. No artificial colouring and preservatives are used. They could have saved money by using locally grown pistachio, but this is an Italian ice cream so theirs are imported from Sicily to ensure the consistency of authentic taste here as in Italy.

Here they are serving classical flavours such as Sicilian pistachio, mint hazelnut and coffee alongside the unconventional such as white coffee, strawberry cheesecake, mascarpone and rose tea. To embrace a sense of location; uniquely in Thailand they serve a durian flavour, which does make a truly delicious ice cream. For those concerned about their weight or who may be on a diet, they offer refreshing sorbets and creamy textured yoghurt that are healthier, less creamy but still just as delicious.

Whether eaten from a cone or a cup there is always the authentic Ghignoni Italian taste in the mouth!


Written by: Laurence Civil