Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime

reviewed by : Melissa Richter

23 October 2018

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summary : Combining a 100-year history as an established fish wholesale with three generations of experience running a restaurant, they focus on creating meticulous “Sushiya” and “Edomae Sushi” with the goal of making Japanese food approachable.

Located in the lobby of the Compass Sky View Hotel, Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime is one of those unassuming sushi venues that you could easily pass by without ever recognizing the high caliber of the restaurant inside. Opened in January 2017, it is the 9thoutlet of a famous restaurant chain that originated in the iconic Tsukiji market in Japan. Family owned and operated for over 100 years, they differentiate themselves by having unparalleled access to the best suppliers of seafood in Japan and offering the same quality fish to the Bangkok customers via shipments flown in 4-5 times per week. 

The restaurant is a comfortable, rather Zen-like space that exudes a tranquil sense of intimacy. Expect to be greeted with a typical “Irasshaimase!” welcome in unison by the staff and you can choose to dine at the sushi bar, at one of the five traditional tables in an adjacent dining room or in one of two private dining rooms which need to be reserved in advance. I recommend the cozy and comfortable sushi bar which has seating for only 12 guests at a time and features well placed LED lighting that optimizes your opportunity for amazing Instagram pictures of your meal. The minimalist design aesthetic is highlighted by natural elements of nature such as wood, marble, glass and stone complemented by a neutral color palette. Sandaime boasts an impressive selection of sake, shochu, Japanese and international whiskey, beer, and wine along with a limited selection of mostly gin-based cocktails. They have several set and a la carte menus to choose from, but you really want to dine “omakase” style which puts you securely in the capable hands of the sushi master. You get to experience having each dish prepared fresh in front of you and you can devour it one immaculate bite at a time.

On our visit, we opted for the 18-course set menu which gives you a nice sampling of sushi, sashimi, and a few signature dishes along with dessert. We paired it with their light and floral “House” sake which you can get by the shot, the carafe or the bottle. Our meal started off with a creamy and delightful Monk Fish Liver amuse-bouche and everything we tried after that was exceptional. Even the firm rice is blended with an evocative red vinegar that gives it a unique color that only maximizes the overall sushi eating experience. The giant Notan-Ebi w/ Akagai Clam Sashimi is also a brilliant offering which defied expectations with its evocative raw perfection. Another stand out is their signature Assorted Sashimi which is served on a slab of pink Himalayan rock salt that you squeeze the lime directly onto. You then drag the paper-thin slices of fish across the mixture and add a dab of fresh wasabi. It’s an innovative and delectable way to enjoy sashimi and one you’re likely to remember long after the meal is over. Another highlight is the Uni Ikura w/ Dashi Sauce. Best described as pure luxury in a bowl, it is a generous heap of glistening sea urchin roe nestled in an ocean of “fresh” salmon eggs, atop a bed of white rice. The fresh salmon eggs are ethereal and not nearly as salty as their previously frozen counterparts that you usually find at Japanese restaurants, and it is the perfect textural counterpoint to the sensual uni as they burst and pop in the dish. Alternatively, of the Nigiri Sushi is brilliant, especially the rich and fatty “Chutoro”, the Wagyu beef and the “Omha” tuna which is the most highly prized cut and often referred to as the “Kobe beef” of the sea. If traditional Japanese seafood is what you crave, you won’t be disappointed with Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime. Open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, it is the perfect place to have a business dinner, celebrate a special occasion, or just hang out with friends.