Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar

reviewed by : John Granville

15 March 2019

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summary : Riedel, Austrian manufacturer of top-end wine glassware, has licensed its name for this wine bar in Gaysorn Plaza.

About: Riedel crystal wine glasses are generally rated the best in the business. The firm dates from the middle of the 18thcentury, and it was in the middle of the 20thcentury that ninth-generation owner Claus Riedel discovered the link between the shape of a glass and its effect on the aroma and taste. This revolutionised the shape of wine glasses. Riedel has licensed its name for this wine bar in Gaysorn Plaza.

Decor: As with the glassware, so too with the wine bar, for the decor is immensely classy. This is a large space with a soaring ceiling, Roman columns, S-curve seating, and artworks on the walls. Taking pride of place, along of course with the wine bottles, is the Wine Emotion wine dispenser and preservation system, which allows up to 40 red and white wines available by the glass. The wine dispenser doubles as a functional piece of equipment as well as avant-garde artwork, dominating an entire wall near the front of the dining room that is adjacent to the retail store. They have six wine glasses to choose from and only the best Riedel crystal is used.

Menu: There are about 250 bottled wines available, differentiated by region and type, and also as organic, sustainable, biodynamic and natural wines. Size always matters at Riedel and when ordering wine by the glass you can choose your pouring size either with a 30ml Tasting Glass, a 75ml Half Glass or a 150ml Full Glass. Lest all this focus on wine makes you forget about food (!), there is also a focused menu, which essentially is based upon Mediterranean cooking. An excellent list of cheeses includes mainly European but also a couple from Thailand, with prices starting from 250 baht. Cold cuts too are well selected and reasonably priced, starting from 200 baht. David Herve Live Royale Oysters are 950 baht for six pieces. Raw Hokkaido scallops are 690 baht. A listing of small dishes is provided that are ideal for those whose interest is orientated more towards the wine. The Galician octopus (690 baht), served with baby heirloom tomatoes, is new on the menu, as is the seared foie gras (600 baht), accompanied by tamarind puree. Large plates include a buttered whole Dover sole at 1,900 baht, a whole roasted baby free-range chicken (690 baht), and Wagyu tomahawk steak 490 baht per 100 grams, which is cooked on the lava grill with black garlic and truffle. 

Evaluation: This is very much a wine bar at the posh end. It might be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by the selection, but the staff are knowledgeable and more than willing to make recommendations based on your preferences. Some of the menu items are certainly pricey, but as with any good wine bar you can eat happily at the lower price range with a tapas or charcuterie selection. There is a private dining room, which is perfect for small groups, as well as a large terrace overlooking the energetic and bustling streets below.