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All venues are classified under Category, Area and Price. There are 4 levels of listing.

Level 1. Free to venues . It will list Name of Venue, Location , Price and Telephone number.

Level 2. Will have logo, location, price and short 50 words summary, QR Code , Google Map & Trip Advisor Link.

Level 3. Logo, Complete address, Price, have a 150 words description , 4 pictures, QR Code, Google Map, Trip Advisor and Facebook link.

Level 4. Will have all above features of Level 3 plus added feature of Good For, Speciality Dishes and also a link to the editors review . The review would be updated and kept current as and when required . When changes are made to the review the date of the venue reviewed will change too.

Social Media

Venues listed under Level 3 or 4 will be promoted on our Social Media and will have added benefit of What’s On column to promote happenings and events.

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