Advertising With Bangkok Best Dining

Bangkok Best Dining online magazine will be nation's fastest growing online magazine. Our target of 100,000 unique visitors per month will be attained within 1year and this is very exciting. Visitor counts to this website will grow every month

Our website, with its dedicated theme, fine dining and entertainment venues, is a perfect opportunity for sponsors, seeking more exposure or creating brand awareness.

Every month more than 14 new reviews are added, and everyone knows that Search Engines and Users love fresh, new content. And least we not forget that Bangkok Best Dining is the home of the coveted Bangkok Best Restaurants Award, perhaps, as one GM recently stated, "The only dining award focused on the Bangkok dining scene worth having".

Bangkok Best Dining has been very active on Social Media. Our plan to use this medium as a spring-board to create broader brand awareness for both ourselves and the venues listed on our website, has really helped our growth. With Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest accounts we have covered the important social media outlets.