14 September 2017

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summary : Located in the garden of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, The Character Bar caters to a growing demographic of cigar connoisseurs seeking a private and exclusive space.

When it comes to quintessential cigar lounges, look no further than Character Whisky & Cigar Bar in the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. No detail has been overlooked and it offers everything the serious cigar and whisky aficionado is looking for in an environment that soothes the senses and harks back to a bygone era when exclusive gentlemen’s clubs where all the rage. They keep the focus firmly on their concept by offering a thoughtful selection of fine spirits and rarified cigars that you won’t find at your typical cigar bar. The space is cozy and warm, and a stark contrast to the dark and overtly masculine theme that seems to dominate their competition. Instead you will discover a well-lit space that is inspired by the Orient Express, complete with steamship trunk coffee tables, leather chairs, red velvet drapes framing train-like windows and an iron spiral staircase leading upstairs to a private members only smoking lounge. The mood is enhanced by sultry American jazz standards playing on the sound system and an LCD TV showing classic black and white Hollywood movies on a loop.

Bucking the trend is par the course at Character, and you won’t find any distractions, such as wine, beer, snacks or cocktails. Instead you are treated to a compressive selection of more than 100 hand rolled cigars from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador and of course Cuba.

The cigar menu is super detailed with in-depth descriptions on the quality, construction, consistency and flavor profiles of each offering and we recommend starting off with a unique paring of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Bourbon and a Kentucky Fire Fat Molly from Nicaragua. This is a formidable smoke with hickory, cedar and bacon notes that are elevated when paired with the semi-sweet caramel smokiness of the bourbon. For a more traditional experience, opt for the AnCnoc 18 year scotch with a smooth CAO Columbia Tinto from Honduras. There is no better place to relax and get out of your comfort zone and explore the rarified world of high end spirits and cigars than Character Whiskey & Cigar Bar. It’s five star everything with unparalleled access to vintages exclusive to their two locations. Their walk-in cigar humidor room is well stocked with the widest selection of premium brands that deliver on their promise to take you on a journey where you will discover a countless array of satisfying experiences.