03 February 2020

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summary : The mastermind behind the success of Rabbit Hole, ranking 34th in Asia's 50 Best Bars 2019 and Liberation expanded his empire with Crimson Room, a watering hole celebrating the Roaring Twenties in the heart of Langsuan.

About: Pattarit “Bink” Jittawait of Tango Tonight Group behind Bangkok’s hottest speakeasy bars, Rabbit Hole and Liberation, and one-Michelin starred restaurant Canvas left Thonglor's comfort zone for the upper-class Langsuan. Behind the wall of the newly opened community mall Velaa Sindhorn Village in Langsuan, the curtains open to an art deco styled cocktail theatre dedicated to the celebratory lifestyle of the 1920s. The decade is known for social, artistic and cultural dynamism, Crimson Room is a reminiscence of Great Gatsby’s style.

Decor: The plush decor captures all the elements of the Roaring Twenties with high and vaulted ceilings, huge crystal chandeliers, and heavy red velvet curtains. The theatre-style seating on three different levels faces the center stage ready to reveal stunning live shows, from jazz performances (every Wednesday to Saturday) to live DJs. Music lovers can indulge in the golden era of jazz while sipping bubbly champagne or crafted cocktails served in a beautiful glass.

Menu: Suwincha “Chacha” Singsuwan, the bartender who introduced the city to truffle fat-washed martinis at Rabbit Hole, also leads the bartending team at this new venture. The cocktail menu comes with 20 signature cocktails inspired by the progression of a show and grouped into different categories from 320 baht to 380 baht. “Dim the Light” are refreshing cocktails that are easy-to-drink. This set includes Bee Pollen (380 baht), a cocktail of Hendrick’s Gin, Yellow Chartreuse, caramelized bee pollen, and thyme syrup served in a highly instagrammable glass shaped like a bird. The first sip is sharply sour and mellows out into a floral taste with a hint of caramel finish. “Once the Curtain is Raised” features full-bodied and colorful cocktails; gin-based Orange Jasmine (380 baht) is a clarified milk punch with a taste of toasted nuts balanced by the aroma of orange blossom and date syrup. The “Strike the Band” category consists of colorless martini-centric choices with Try a la Menthe (380 baht) or Midnight Rose (380 baht). Lastly, “Take a Bow” cocktail selection features spirit-forward drinks. If you are in the mood to celebrate like they did in the 1920’s, select a bottle of champagne (from 3,500 baht). To experience the aperitivo (320 baht) drop in before 8:00 pm straight from the office for a great happy hour experience. All drinks are accompanied by a selection of some snacks to nibble with cheese, crackers, and cashew nuts. 

Evaluation: Crimson Room is the perfect den for date night or to celebrate with friends while listening to jazzy beats and sipping on awe-inspiring cocktails in the opulent decor taking you back in time to the roaring twenty-twenties.