18 February 2016

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summary : A light and airy restaurant serving Cantonese style food, including highly regarded dim sum.

This is the sister restaurant of the Cantonese dining spot with the same name at Rajpruek Golf Club, which in turn is the sister of the highly regarded Man Fu Yuan at the InterContinental in Singapore. The Singapore restaurant is famous for its dim sum so we decided to go to EmQuartier at lunch to try some of the dim sum and a few other lunchtime dishes.

The restaurant is small, but very pleasant. There is an attractive display of Chinese ceramics at the entrance, lots of white to brighten things up and very comfortable seating, making it the sort of place people might like to linger. 

We started things off with Har Kau (135 baht – 3 pieces), those little shrimp filled dumplings that are almost synonymous with dim sum. These arrived piping hot, freshly steamed and filled with lots of flavor. Our favorite tidbit was unique and a signature item with the restaurant: Prawn and Mango with Wasabi-Mayo Sauce (145 baht – 3 pieces), a scrumptious combination of flavors in an egg roll wrap and lightly fried. The mango matched well with the prawns and the wasabi provided some spicy excitement. The French Beans with Minced Pork and Mushroom (220 baht) was a warm, homey dish that the proprietor describes as Chinese comfort food – an assessment with which we heartily agreed. We were also very impressed with the Classic Tea Smoked Duck (600 baht for ½ duck). This dish often disappoints because the duck has been sliced earlier and then reheated, but this was superb – fresh and flavorful. The Baked BBQ Pork Tart (105 baht – 3 pieces), Crispy Roast Pork (265 baht), and Crispy Noodle with Brown Sauce and Beef, Fish or Prawn (210 baht - 420 baht) that we feasted on were also of excellent quality.

This is a restaurant that seems to do everything right and provides a petite alternative to the large Cantonese restaurants found elsewhere in Bangkok. It is ideal for a dim sum lunch, a weekend family outing or a Chinese dinner.