24 December 2019

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summary : The London dynamic dining scene is making its debut in Bangkok with this playful and chic dining experience combining bold Asian flavors and French cooking techniques.

About: Opened since July 2019, the vibrant Mia restaurant is the latest creation carried from the collaboration of Bangkok based couple, Chefs Pongcharn “Top” Russell and Michelle Goh, formerly from Freebird and Suhring, and Chef Julien Imbert who worked at quintessential establishments in London including Sketch, Jason Atherton’s City Social, and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. Mia snatches the European modern tastes and techniques emphasizing bold flavors with an Asian flair. With a menu designed to be shared, Mia invites for a contemporary dining experience in the heart of Bangkok.

Decor: The restaurant reveals a chic and relaxed atmosphere on Sukhumvit soi 26 in a renovated two-story house behind K-Village. The first floor with its bar and the open kitchen invites guests to have a pre-dinner cocktail or to extend their night post dinner. On the second floor, you have three themed rooms to choose from depending on your mood and occasion. The Color Room, with flowery William Morris wallpaper, private pods and plush velvet seatings which gives a retro-chic vibe. The Flower Room with its dramatic flowers hanging from the ceiling creates a romantic setting for couples. And the last room, The Dark Room with its dimmed lightening, grey-color wallpaper, giggled mirrors and thick dark blue carpet on the floor provides a seductive atmosphere. 

Menu: The menu is focused on comfort fare with quality ingredients that aims to please everyone. To sustain the affordable pricing, the chefs sources all their ingredients locally and bakes all their breads and pastries in-house. The chefs want to create a new dining experience that is accessible to everyone with a focus on flavors and an unpretentious menu. During our visit, we had a special menu where each bite was scrumptious both for the eyes and the palate. We kicked off our meal with a few tidbits; oysters with yuzu jelly and pickles, lobster rolls topped with caviar and blinis with smoked creme fraiche and ikura. The oyster with ponzu was bright and vibrant in taste whereas the lobster roll was like summer on a bun. These were followed with a rich and decadent pan-seared foie gras served with a spiced apple puree and a crumble made from gingerbread. For a lighter option, the salmon gravlax with horseradish cream ends with a refreshing note of dill. For mains, we had a pan-seared scallop with winter roots puree, black pudding, and potato that was topped with freshly shaved black truffle. Moreover, we had a roast turkey with a homemade pancetta filling, parsnip puree, chestnuts and cranberry jam; both were enhanced by a delicious side of honey-glazed carrots and cauliflower gratin. Don’t forget to save room for dessert. To end our Christmas dinner as per tradition in France, we had an indulgent spoonful of classical Bûche de Noël made by pastry chef Michelle Goh. To embellish our meal, we had a Sauvignon Blanc, Clos Henri “Petit Clos” (1,500 baht).

Evaluation: Mia restaurant knocked us out with its playful and unique decor and the subtle staging and presentation of each dish. The taste was also on point as the service was under the attentive eye of General Manager, Arthur Lousteau. A 10-course menu to share will set you up at 1,850 baht and a bottle of wine starts at 1,250 baht. At this price, it is a steal.