25 July 2019

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summary : The Meatchop Butcher & Spirits is a deli and steak bar serving up a meat mecca and the finest spirits. Hearty meats are sourced both locally and internationally to acquire the finest cuts and ingredients.

The Meatchop is a cool and contemporary steak bar with an extensive menu of homemade pasta, charcuterie, meat-heavy small plates for sharing and salads with some interesting offerings such as Pig Ears & Cauliflower and Beef Short Rib Gnocchi. It’s not easy to put them in box as they have an eclectic menu with everything from Asian inspired dishes like Beef Katsu Sando, to burritos and burgers. “We do not consider ourselves a steakhouse,” said Restaurant Manager, Vadim Bekke, “We are a meat specialists that focus on the taste of the food, the premium quality of our meats, and making sure we have affordable and friendly price points".

They boast a ‘social dining’ and have a self-serve fridge to grab your own bottle of wine or beer and have created a small but well defined space with an open well organized open kitchen. There is bar seating, sleek black tiles, pink accent walls, herringbone tiles on the floor and rattan chairs and small tables rounding out the indoor space. There is a full bar towards the entrance where they highlight a specific type of beverage each month such as martini’s, gin, rum, etc. On our visit they were showcasing bourbon and we tried the’ Michter's Classic’ made with Michter’s Bourbon, Sugar Cube, Honey, Absinthe & Peychaud’s Bitters and the ‘Tea of 94’ consisting of Elijah Craig Bourbon, Ginger Honey, Lime & Red Tea. Both cocktails were very strong but made with skill so that they were well balanced and refreshing.

The kitchen is headed up by 27-year-old Chef Enzo Dela Cruz formerly of Quince and Le Beaulieu. Prime cuts of beef include the 270 days aged Black Angus striploin, Ribeye, and Tomahawk from Rangers Valley Australia and the 150 day aged 5+ marble Australian Wagyu from Diamantina Farms. Another added bonus is that you can go directly to the butcher case and pick your streak from the cuts available so you can control how lean or marbled your steak is.

They also have other tempting meaty selections such as sausages from Joe Sloane's, locally sourced Chiang Rai chickens and Australian lamb and dry-aged pork chops. Another hot ticket is the Butter Aged Wagyu Striploin which ages in a protective shell of butter solids for 35 days. Unfortunately, we were unable to try it as it will not be finished aging until Aug 8, 2019, but is well worth getting your hands on when it becomes available.

We started with the scrumptious Ox Tongue Toasty made with sweet homemade onion jam, melted cheese. The delightfully tended grilled tongue was served on toast with a side of sriracha mayo. Next up was the Octopus & Chorizo Salad made with Joe Sloane’s Chorizo, grilled octopus, fennel, radish pickled jalapeno and a delectable squid ink aioli. This salad was flavorsome, a clever play on a surf and turf dish. The main course was the Hanger Steak w/ Grilled Asparagus and a chimichurri and romesco sauce on the side. The quality of the beef was unparalleled, and it was grilled to perfection to a blushing medium rare while being incredibly tender. The taste of the corn-fed beef is superior and it was one of the best versions of this cut I have had in Thailand. There was a nice crust on the beef, but it was slightly under-seasoned for my taste and could have benefited from a bit more salt and maybe a hint of fresh herbs such as rosemary.

Desserts are not the forte at The Meatchop but they do offer a respectable Coconut Panna Cotta, a Chocolate Semifreddo and a White Chocolate Mousse for those who need to scratch their itch for something sweet. We tried the mousse which was served with fresh raspberries, edible flowers, and freshly chopped pistachios, and a homemade cookie crumble to add some texture and crunch. It was well executed without being too sweet and overall was a pleasant way to end the meal.

Open for lunch, brunch, and dinner 7 days a week, The Meatchop is quite special. They have a great vibe, formidable cocktails, efficient and friendly service combined with approachable high-quality cuisine that tastes great and won’t break the bank. They additionally feature a signature line of BBQ sauces, condiments, and “Takeaway Cocktails” that you can buy in-house and enjoy at home along with selected cuts of beef and pork from the meat counter. All in all, it’s a great food find and a satisfying dining experience that is well worth having.